Schulman b.v. holds auctions regularly, information about these auctions can be found here. To download a bid form click here. Or place a digital bid online.

All our auctions are subject to the following conditions of sale.

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Auction 358Auction 358
22nd of February 2019


Schulman b.v. has held auctions for over 120 years and holds regular auctions three times a year (April, June and November). The auctions focus on Dutch coins (medieval, Low Countries, provincial, kingdom, colonial and VOC), banknotes, medals and Jetons. Our auctions also feature a large assortment of foreign coins, banknotes and ancient coins.

We are very proud of our auction catalogue. The first Schulman catalogue appeared in 1890 and our catalogues have been enthusiastically collected by museums and individuals ever since. Our catalogue is available three to four weeks before an auction in digital and paper form. The price estimates stated in the catalogue are based on our expert numismatic knowledge, our extensive database of results from past auctions and current market prices.

How it works

Our auction is a so called “English auction”, meaning that a lot is bid on in successively higher bids until there are no other bids and the highest bid wins. The bids on a lot increase incrementally according to the following scheme:

current bid (€)bid step (€)
10 -505
50 - 20010
200 - 50020
500 - 100050
1000 - 3000100
3000 - 5000200
> 5000500

The auctioneer always reserves the right to deviate from this scheme, so called "auctioneer’s discretion".

How to make a bid

There are several ways to bid on an auction:

Attend the auction
By bidding live from the auction floor. Our auctions are well visited and engaging. The auction usually takes place in a hotel and refreshments and snacks are served.

Written bid
By placing a written bid via a post or fax: written bid form or via the internet:digital bid form.

Telephone bidding
Telephone bidding is possible on lots over 500 Euros (please see the auction catalogue for telephone numbers and more information).

Live bidding via the internet is currently NOT available, but there are plans to introduce this in the future.

Opening price and bidding

Bidding starts at 80% of the estimated catalogue value, if no other written bids have been placed on the lot. If multiple written bids have been placed on a lot, the starting price of the lot will be the second highest bidder’s bid, plus one increment. For example: If a lot is estimated at 100 Euros in the catalogue; Two bidders have placed written bids of 160 and 120 Euros respectively; Then the starting or opening price will be: the second highest bid (120) + 1 increment (10) = 130 Euros.

If two bidders place the same written bid and there are no other bids from the floor the earliest bid will be honored.

If only one written bid is received, and no one bids on the lot during the auction, the lot is sold for the opening price.


Once a bidder has won a lot a buyers commission of 20% will be added to the “hammer price” (i.e. the winning bid). For example: If there are no other bids and the catalogue price is 125 Euros. Bidding will start at 100 Euros. Let’s say that you enter a written bid of 150 Euros. Because there are no other bidders you would win the lot for 100 euros (the opening price). The lot will cost you: the hammer price (100 Euros) + 20% commission (20 Euros) = 120 Euros.

Only the buyer’s commission and eventual shipping (postage) and/or bank costs are charged, there are no other additional charges, fees or taxes.

Complete auction listing

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Auction 358Auction 358
22nd of February 2019
Auction 357Auction 357
26th of October 2018
Auction 356Auction 356
29th & 30th of June 2018
Auction 355Auction 355
1st of March 2018
Auction 354Auction 354
4th of November 2017
Auction 353Auction 353
24th of June 2017
Auction 352Auction 352
28th of January 2017
Auction 351Auction 351
16th September
Auction 350Auction 350
12th - 14th of May
Auction 349Auction 349
20th & 21st of November
Auction 348Auction 348
3rd of July
Auction 347Auction 347
16th & 17th of April
Auction 346Auction 346
14th & 15th of November
Auction 345Auction 345
5th of July
Auction 344Auction 344
21st & 22nd of March
Auction 343Auction 343
16th & 17th November
Auction 342Auction 342
9 July 2013
Auction 341Auction 341
27 April 2013
Auction 340Auction 340
1 December 2012
Auction 339Auction 339
5th of july 2012
Auction 338Auction 338
29th of March, 2012
Auction 337Auction 337
3rd & 4th of November 2011
Auction 336Auction 336
July 8th, 2011
Auction 335Auction 335
15th and 16th April of 2011
Auction 334Auction 334
5th & 6th of November 2010
Auction 333Auction 333
23rd of April 2010
Auction 332Auction 332
6th and 7th of November 2009
Auction 331Auction 331
6th and 7th of November 2009
Auction 330Auction 330
8th and 9th of November 2008
Auction 329Auction 329
11th and 12th of April 2008
Auction 328Auction 328
2nd and 3rd of November 2007
Auction 327Auction 327
25th of April 2007
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