Looking to evaluate your collection?

Schulman b.v. is the oldest numismatic auction house in the Netherlands, and continues to practice the high standards set by its founders. Schulman b.v. is known for its professional catalogue and has an international reputation as a specialist in Netherlands and Low Countries numismatics. Schulman b.v. employs expert numismatic specialists with decades of experience. Furthermore Schulman has the largest archive of Netherlands, VOC, and The Low Countries coinage. Schulman’s experience, archive, and experts can help you evaluate your collection. Our evaluations are based on previous auction prices, providing an accurate and up to date market values. Furthermore Schulman b.v. is recognized as a professional numismatist of the highest level by IAPN, ANA, and NVMH.

Why would I valuate my collection?

The general image of valuations is that they are for the purpose of selling a collection. This could not be further from the truth; valuating you collection is planning for the unexpected. Firstly, this could be an insurance in the case of theft, damage or loss If this is the case please read the section bellow on evaluating your collection for the purpose of insurance.

Secondly, a collection could be valuated for the purpose of inheritance. A collector’s family may not always share his/her passion for collecting, however this does not mean that the collection should be neglected and sold under its potential value. A valuation report can provide an accurate minimal price of sale of the collection for the family of the collector.

Finally, the prices of coins, medallions, and currency can change over time. If you are looking for an up to date price, a valuation based on past auctions can provide you with more current value. Allowing the collector to time the sale of his collection correctly and prevent disappointment after the sale.

I want to valuate my collection for insurance purposes

A collector’s collection is not only a personal possession but also a valuable possession. Therefore Schulman b.v., in association with insurance companies can provide a valuation of your collection in the form of a valuation report. This report provides not only prices based on market value, but an expert description as well (as seen in our catalogues). This description could also provide evidence of ownership rights in case of theft. The market prices can form the basis of the compensation from insurance in case of loss, damage or theft.

How much does a valuation cost?

Valuation reports for the purpose of insurance have a onetime fee of € 250,- plus an additional fee of 1% of the total value of the collection. These fees are justified by the time and expertise that is needed to evaluate your collection accurately and realistically. An optional fee of € 10,- per picture can taken to include pictures of the coins in your collection. Pictures of you coins are taken by a professional photographer. All fees will be fully refunded if the collection is auctioned or sold by Schulman b.v. Verbal valuations are free and we provide you with an estimate to the best of our knowledge of value of your collection.

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